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How to use detergents in washing machines?

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The types of detergent and the way you use it in the washing machine will have a significant impact on the machine's efficiency.

However, it is quite confusing for customers to choose among lots of different detergents available on the market:

  • Some detergents are meant for washing by hand, others are only for washing machines.
  • Some are designed for getting out tough stains, while others are made for washing delicate items.
  • Some come in powder forms, yet some in liquid.

In addition, detergents are classified differently for front loaders and top loaders, due to the differences in washing mechanisms.

In today’s post, Frigidaire Arabia will reveal helpful tips so that you can learn how to use detergent in washing machine, particularly front loaders. Also, there will be additional tips on how to put detergent in washing machine.

Top load vs. front load washing machines: Key differences


Position of the door is the key difference between front and top load washers. The top load washing machines is to load laundry from above, while front load washing machine is to open from the front.

Top load washers come with an agitator inside the drum, thus they require more water and also have a longer wash cycle. Meanwhile, front loaders have less agitation involved in a cycle, and clean clothes using tumbling.

Top load vs. front load washing machines: Key differences

Now that we have learnt basic knowledge about 2 types of washers, let’s proceed to figuring out which detergent should be used in which type of laundry machines.

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Types of detergents for automatic washing machine

Hand wash powder

Hand wash powder is made to use in a semi-automatic washers or for washing by hand which consume more water and foam to clean stains with less agitation. This kind of detergent requires more time to dissolve since it creates more foam while washing.

Do’s and don’ts while using hand wash powder:


- Hand washing 

- Semi-automatic washers 

- Remove tough stains 


- Fully-automatic washers


Machine wash powder

Machine wash powder is frequently chosen for a fully automatic washing machine which normally consumes less detergent and water to clean your clothes. It dissolves faster, yet it is harsher on your laundry and not ideal for washing by hand.

Do’s and don’ts while using machine wash powder:


- Fully-automatic washers

- Wash white and light color clothes 

- Remove outdoor soil or stains 


- Hand washing

- Semi-automatic washers

Liquid detergent


This is the most commonly used detergent since it entirely dissolves in water, even cold water, leaving no residue on the garments. Liquid detergent is also recommended to be used in both front loader and top loader.

Do’s and don’ts while using liquid detergent:


- Fully-automatic washers

- Pre-treat stains 

- Remove greasy stains 

- Wash colored and baby clothes 


- Hand washing 

- Semi-automatic washers

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What is the best detergent for automatic washing machines?

The best detergent choice for a top load washer is one that produces more suds since it comes with an agitator or pulsator in its drum. That’s why it needs more water and wash cycles to clean your clothes.

On the other hand, the best detergent option for a front load washing machine is high-efficiency (HE) one. As a front loader uses less water than a top loader, the low foam formula of the HE detergent removes all the detergent residue and dirt with less foam and water.

Using detergents other than HE in the front loader can cause excessive suds and leave detergent residue on your garments and machine. Additionally, this might also clog the system, causing the washer to drain water out of the washer, which, in turn, can create more suds.

It is recommended by most manufacturers that only HE detergents should be used with their front load washers. Regular detergent is advised not to be used in a HE washer since it may cause the machine to overflow.

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How to put liquid detergent in front load washing machine?

A front load washing machine typically has three compartments for three different types of detergent and softeners. Follow our instructions below to know how to put liquid detergent in front load washing machine correctly:

‘Main wash’ compartment:

  • On the left.
  • Where you put the liquid detergent into when you are about to start a wash.
  • Before you put in your detergent, think about what you are going to wash and check the guidelines on the detergent package to make sure you are using the right amount.

Pre-wash compartment:

  • On the right.
  • Where you put detergent in before a ‘pre-wash’ cycle. When conducting a 'pre-wash' cycle, pour some detergent in this compartment.

Fabric softener/conditioner compartment: the smallest zone in your washer drawer.

Watch the below tutorial video on how to use your Frigidaire washer's detergent dispenser:


FAQs about how to use detergent in washing machine

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