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Must-know things before buying a fully automatic washing machine

A washing machine (or washer) is one of the must-have appliances in any family. It cleans and scents your clothes and fabrics while saving you time and energy.

When looking for an automatic washing machine for your family, there are three key things to take into account: Size and capacity, type and any additional functions you might require.

Size and capacity: How many kg washing machines do you need?

One of the key things to consider when buying a washer is their size and capacity.

  • For modest family of 1 to 2 members, a 4 - 6kg washing machine should be sufficient as it can comfortably fit up to five full outfits at a time.

  • For families with 3 to 4 members, we would suggest going for 7 - 8kg washing machines that can fir up to seven full outfits.

  • A 9 - 10kg washing machine is best fit for bigger families and can hold up to 8 outfits in one load.

Which washing machine type is right for you?

There are two types of washing machines as follows:

  • Front-load washing machines: As its name suggests, these washers are designed with a front door and more suitable for bulky items.

  • Top-load washing machines: They’re often less expensive compared to front-load washing machines but in some cases they can be a bit rougher on your garments if overloaded.

What other washing machine features to look for?

  • Electricity and water savings: Fully automatic washing machines come with latest technologies which can save you plenty of electricity and water.

  • Care for delicates: Many modern washing machines feature specific wash programs for delicate fabrics or even wool.

Check out our post on how to operate an automatic washing machine for further useful guidance.

Choose the best washing machine with Frigidaire

Frigidaire washing machines provide an excellent laundry experience that protects your clothes. With features like AutoSense that regulates time, water and energy to prevent over-washing or VapourCare for ideal care of baby clothes, a Frigidaire washing machine will save you money and become a must-have item in your laundry room.

Read our Washing machine buying guide to find more helpful buying tips and choose the best automatic washing machine for your home.


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