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Everyone will probably own barely used items at the back of their closet that look old, stretched, stained, or faded. Just a few months ago, many of these were brand new. Ninety percent of our clothing is discarded far before its intended lifespan. Who is to blame?

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Your washing machine is frequently filled with water and washing detergent. Does that mean it’s clean? Not always.

Like any other home appliance, your washing machine needs a thorough cleaning in order to function well for an extended period of time. Otherwise, mould and mildew may form in its damp crevices, making both your machine and laundry smell.

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What sort of laundry habits do you have? Your ways of using a washing machine will affect your clothes, as well as water and energy use. For that reason, all owners — new or experienced — should learn or refresh their knowledge on how to use their washing machine properly to fully enjoy its benefits.

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