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10 tips on how to make your clothes last longer

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Everyone will probably own barely used items at the back of their closet that look old, stretched, stained, or faded. Just a few months ago, many of these were brand new. Ninety percent of our clothing is discarded far before its intended lifespan. Who is to blame?


This is not only a waste of money, but it also contributes to fast fashion and damages the environment due to using too much water, electricity and detergent. You can make your wardrobe and the planet more sustainable by adopting small habits every laundry day. Here are some suggestions on how to make clothes last longer:

1. Pay close attention to the laundry symbols

Certain fabrics require certain water temperatures to preserve color, sanitize, get rid of stains and heavy soils. As a general rule, use heat to remove germs and cool to give delicate and bright colored clothing gentle clean.

Take a moment to read the care labels attached to each piece of clothing. You'll discover all of the information you need to select the appropriate water temperature as well as the type of washing cycle. To preserve the longevity of your clothing, it’s crucial to always adhere to the recommendation on the label.

2. Sort dirty laundry

After reading the label, separate the dirty garments by color, fabric weight, and washing temperature. If you wash comparable types of clothing together, you'll have far better results in eliminating stains, retaining colors, and protecting delicate clothing.

Basically, you can sort them by whites, light colors, dark colors, and dry clean only.

3. Remove stain right away

Don’t leave stains to set. The longer a stain is there, the more likely it will stay. Avoid this by treating it right away using natural laundry stain removers. Simply use vinegar to saturate set-in stains, rub the area with a paste comprised of equal parts vinegar and baking soda, and then cool rinse it in the washer.

You can keep a stain removal pen in your pocket for convenience. This can prevent stubborn stains such as red wine or food stains from ruining your favorite clothes.

4. Wash less

Not every piece of clothing has to be washed after each use. Jeans, sweaters and jackets can be worn several times before washing, otherwise, continuous agitation and water exposure can increase wear and tear on them.

Determine if you have sweated or spent a significant amount of time outside wearing them. If not, you get a pass on dragging wet, heavy garments from your washer, as well as well-maintained clothes that last longer.

5. Don’t Overload your Washing Machine

Starting a wash cycle when your load isn’t full plainly wastes water; but, stuffing your entire wardrobe in and overloading the machine isn’t healthy for your clothes either. Not only do the garments not wash well, they will rub against one another also, causing damage and fading. Furthermore, the detergent will not be effectively rinsed away.


6. Select the right washing program 

The incorrect water and cycle time ratio can cause your garments to wear out faster while consuming more energy, resulting in damage on your savings, wardrobe, and the environment. Avoid this with Frigidaire’s front load washers using AutoSense technology, which automatically adjusts time, water, and energy according to your load size for the best possible daily care of clothes.

To bring out the most optimal results, check out our guide on how to operate your washing machine properly.

7. Avoid using too much detergent

Excessive detergent produces excessive bubbles, which might have the reverse effect of what the soap was designed to do. Too much soap in your washing machine might prevent your clothing from being clean, or worse, can make them dirtier than they initially were.

So, how much detergent is enough? Read our article about how to use detergent in washing machine for helpful tips and advice.

Keep your clothes vibrant for longer with Frigidaire UltraMix technology. It will make sure the detergent is completely dissolved before it enters the drum. This means you can wash your garments even at lower temperatures without the fear of rewashing.

8. Master the ironing process

Ironing is required for a variety of garments, especially work attire. It’s crucial to maintain them looking excellent. However, there are several things that may go wrong during the ironing process.

Find out how to care for your clothes by following the fundamental ironing process below:

  • First, take a look at the wash care label attached to the clothing to see if it can be ironed;
  • Then, for suitable usage instructions, consult the product manual that comes with your garment steamers or irons;
  • As for your regular clothing, see the wash care label to determine the proper ironing temperature.
  • Finally, set an order to your ironing process to simplify the work. You may start with the collar, proceed to the cuffs and then the remainder of the areas.

Tip: Save your effort with Frigidaire Vapour Care. It will quickly smoothen out creases on your garments by heating the clothes with a small quantity of water while keeping their volume. This will leave you with refreshed and de-wrinkled clothing in under 30 minutes that requires far less ironing. Check out some Frigidaire’s washing machines with Vapour Care program below:

  • Fully automatic washer
  • UltraMix dissolves detergent well even in cool water for optimal cleaning performance
  • Child Lock prevents accidental operation
  • AutoSense adjusts time, water and energy to prevent over-washing
  • UltraMix keeps colors vibrant and rich for longer
  • Fully automatic washing machine
  • UltraMix keeps colors vibrant and rich for longer
  • Full automatic washing machine
  • VapourCare leaves your clothes 23% less wrinkles*

9. Store your clothes properly

Clothes, especially those made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk and wool, require breathing space also. To avoid mildew, they must be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. Make sure you use wooden or cushioned hangers to protect their forms and keep them wrinkle-free while hanging them. Heavy clothing, such as sweaters, can be folded instead to prevent stretching out.

10. Store your clothes in dry condition

Mold thrives in humid climates, so leave the doors of your clothing open from time to time to allow air circulation. In addition, after washing your garments, ensure they are totally dry before storing them. Check out our range of Frigidaire clothes tumble dryer now!

With Frigidaire front load washing machines, your clothes will receive thorough care. You can now skip the guesswork with a wide range of Variable Temperatures available for all sorts of fabric. Simply select one of the pre-sets and the washer will adjust the cycle temperature to guarantee your clothing receive the right level of care.

Furthermore, adopting sustainable practices is the perfect way to make a fashion statement, since when you make your clothes last longer, the planet benefits as well. The Frigidaire’s front load washer can take care of both. Read this post to find helpful tips on how to choose the right washing machine or check out some of our best-selling washing machines below:

  • Woolmark approved cycle to safely dry your treasured woollen items
  • Child Lock prevents accidental operation
  • Fully automatic washer
  • UltimateCare dryer offers the right level of care for various types of fabric
  • 20 and 45 minute quick cycles to save your time
  • Large drum to thoroughly dry bulky items and family-sized loads
  • Gentle vapour refreshes clothes and reduces wrinkles
  • SensiCare reduces wear and tear, protecting your clothes from over-drying
  • AutoSense adjusts the time, water & energy according to load size
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