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What to know before getting a new cooking range

What is a cooking range?

A cooking range also known as range cooker is an ideal choice for those cooking in small kitchens but wish to enjoy the benefits of a full-size hob and oven. A cooking range comes with a combination of these two appliances, adding free space to your kitchen and making your daily cooking more convenient.

There are three factors to take into account when it comes to choosing a home cooking range: size and capacity, fuel type, installation, and other considerations.

Choosing the perfect cooking range size

When selecting a range cooker for your kitchen, consider not just the capacity of the oven, but also the number of burners on the hob. With certain cooking ranges, you can even choose to have two separate ovens, or an additional grill unit.

A standard 60x60 cm cooking range has a capacity of around 60 liters and 4 burners, which is sufficient to prepare wonderful meals for a family of 5.

Small cooking ranges with a width of 50cm are more space-saving, but sacrifice capacity and size of the burners, whereas range cookers are extra wide, adding more burners and at least one additional oven.

Choosing fuel types of cooking range: electric cooker or gas cooker?

There are three types of cooking ranges based on fuel options:

  • Electric cooker: The combination of an electric oven with either a ceramic or induction hob, eliminating the need to install a gas supply in your home.

  • Gas cooker:This combines a gas oven with a gas hob making it less expensive to operate than the electric model.

  • Dual fuel:These cookers come with the combination of an electric oven and a gas hob, giving you the best of both worlds – uniform cooking in the oven and precise control of the hob.

Other considerations: cooking range installation, cleaning, and safety

  • Installation: If you’re choosing gas, keep in mind the requirement for a gas supply in your home.

  • Cleaning: An oven with catalytic, pyrolytic, or steam cleaning features will reduce your cleaning time.

  • Safety: Equipped with modern safety features like Frigidaire’s flame failure devices, gas cookers are just as safe to use as electric ones.

Choose the best cooking ranges with Frigidaire Arabia

Frigidaire’s cooking ranges provide great power and capacity to serve any meal for your loved ones while ensuring safety with double-glazed doors, child locks or auto-off functions. Enjoy your new electric and gas cooker with confidence.


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