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Kitchen hoods (also referred to as extractor hoods, cooker hoods and range hoods) are among the most important appliances for keeping your kitchen clean and pleasant. They not only remove odours from preparing meals, but also keep the grease and grime away from your kitchen walls and cabinets.

When looking for a new kitchen hood, you should take some of the following aspects into account: size (dimension), type, and noise level.

Kitchen hood size & dimension

The size of your kitchen hood should mostly be determined by the amount of space available in your kitchen and the size of your hob. To effectively eliminate cooking smells, the width of the hood should be the same as the hob.

To determine the ideal extraction rate for your kitchen, multiply the volume of your kitchen by 10.

Kitchen hood type

There are some basic types of kitchen hoods from which you can choose:

  • Wall mounted chimney cooker hoods: These hoods are meant to be visible and to draw attention to your kitchen. However, this equals not having space for storage above your hob.
  • Integrated cooker hoods: These hoods are concealed inside your cabinetry, with only the lowest portion right above your hob visible. Integrated hoods are also called built-in extractor hood, under cabinet range hoods, and concealed kitchen hoods.
  • Island cooker hoods (island mount range hood): These hoods are commonly seen in kitchens with a hob on the kitchen island. As a result, the hood stands out the most in the kitchen.
  • Telescopic cooker hoods (pop up or retractable cooker hood): These hoods is widely known as slide out range hood as it can be turned on and off by sliding in and out.

You must also decide between a ducted and a recirculating cooker hood. A ducted hood transferred the extracted air outside your home via ducts and often uses metal filters that must be cleaned on a regular basis. Recirculating hoods circulate the air via carbon filters before returning it to your kitchen.

Kitchen hood noise level & design

When purchasing a kitchen hood, you should consider factors such as a noise level and design, since it will be a significant component of your kitchen. Also keep an eye out for helpful technologies like Frigidaire’s recirculation feature which allow air to be recirculated into the kitchen if exterior extraction is not possible.

Find more helpful tips on how to choose the right kitchen hood here.

Choose the best kitchen hood with Frigidaire

Frigidaire kitchen hoods are eye-catching due to their attractive design and practical functionality. They will also maintain the clean air and freshness of your kitchen for years to come thanks to their easy to clean surfaces and powerful engines.

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