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Kitchen hood buying guide

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When cooking, we can produce a variety of odours or smoke and fumes depending on the dish. These may linger in the air or stain your cabinetry, as well as be harmful to your health. There are numerous types of kitchen hood, and the final decision is based on the layout of your kitchen and venting choices.

1. Kitchen hood size & design: Things to consider

Kitchen layout & installation

When planning your kitchen design, think about how you want to cook, as this will decide where you put your
kitchen hood.

Consider your cabinetry

Do you want your kitchen to have a more classic design with your stove and oven paired one beneath the other or do you prefer a more modern design with your oven in a tower layout? We’d recommend placing the kitchen hood close to your stove but far enough away that you could have two cooks in the kitchen, one for the oven and the other for the stove.

Work triangle or work zones

This decision should preferably be based on the size of your kitchen. When designing a kitchen work triangle, you would arrange your appliances so that the line drawn connecting the refrigerator, cooking appliances, and sink/dishwasher creates a triangle around which the cook can move easily and efficiently. Whether you have a small or large space, consider dividing it into 5 zones, consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking zones. This allows the space to operate in unison with each other.

Kitchen hood sizes


When it comes to choosing a kitchen hood, you may be restricted by the amount of space available above your stove. Measure the space before you start looking at models so you can narrow down your selection criteria.

One that suits your stove

A kitchen hood that has the exact same width as your stove or somewhat wider, is a perfect choice. As it must be able to quickly absorb smoke and fumes when you are cooking. If your kitchen hood is too small, it will struggle to keep up, resulting in lingering odours and fumes, or setting off your smoke alarm.

2. How To Choose Types of Kitchen Hood

Chimney Kitchen Hood

Chimney kitchen hoods, which are most found in commercial kitchens, are a focal point in any kitchen. Since the device is entirely exposed and not fitted within cabinetry, a chimney kitchen hood isn't for a home where you want your appliances to be heard but not seen.

Ideal for:

  • Large kitchen
  • Entertainer

Here are some features to consider when buying a wall mounted chimney kitchen hood:


60 - 90cm

Clear the air quickly

Our chimney kitchen hoods offer powerful extraction rates. Depending on the model, you can clear the air at a rate of 720 - 810 m3/hr kitchen hoods, ensuring your kitchen is clear of cooking odours, vapours and excess heat in no time at all.

Long-lasting LED lighting

With a low energy output and high illumination, our kitchen hoods give you a clear sight on your creations on your stove.

Easy to clean filters

Coming with aluminium micro-mesh filters that can be easily removed and cleaned safely in your dishwasher or hand washed with detergent and a cloth. This should be done at a minimum every six months, with the exception based on how often you cook. Some models have a clean filter indicator, so your kitchen hood will politely remind you it needs to be taken care of. 

3 fan speeds with an added boost

Keeping the air clear with adjustable fan speeds is easy with touch controls when you need a quick increase in fan speed press the boost button.

Smooth stainless steel

With a choice of dark or natural stainless-steel finishes, our kitchen hoods can be the statement piece in your kitchen.

Ducted for easy clearance

With the ability to have your kitchen hood, ducted you are able to not only clear the smoke and fumes from the kitchen but the whole house with the exhaust fumes taking them outside.

Choose a high-quality chimney kitchen hood from our best-selling products below:


  • Easy-to-use flat touch control panel
  • LED lights with low energy use yet a high illumination performance
  • Dishwasher-friendly aluminium micro-mesh filters
  • Clean air quickly with high air flow rate
  • Easy clean touch-control panel
  • Low energy, long-lasting LED lights

Fixed Kitchen Hoods

Designed to be permanently mounted onto the wall, slim line or fixed or under cabinet (sometimes also known as traditional) kitchen hood is the most used.

Ideal for:

  • Small - Medium Family
  • Apartment living

Here are some features to consider when buying a fixed kitchen hood:


60 - 90cm

Easy installation

When installing a fixed kitchen hood, you can have it installed partially behind cupboard doors or simply under cabinetry.

Keep your filters clean for best performance

When it comes to having your kitchen hood performing at its best, you need to ensure your filters are clean or in the best shape they can be to clear the air you are breathing efficiently and effectively. It is easy to do so with washable filters.

2 -3 fan speeds

Keeping the air clear is easy with adjustable fan speeds with press button control.

Dishwasher-friendly & Washable filters

The micro-mesh filters should be able to be safely washed in your dishwasher or easily hand washed for most convenience.

Choose a high-quality traditional kitchen hood from our best-selling products below:

  • Dishwasher-friendly & washable aluminium micro-mesh filters
  • Easy installation behind cupboard doors or simply under cabinetry
  • Timeless design with stainless steel surface colour
  • Dishwasher-safe filters are easy to clean and better for the environment
  • Easy installation for a seamless cooking experience
  • Recirculation feature allows air to be recirculated into the kitchen if exterior extraction is not possible

3. Kitchen Hood Design & Other Considerations

White, Natural or Dark Stainless Steel

If you want a kitchen hood that is more on the display than an integrated type, think about what finish will match the rest of your appliance choices and the overall style of your kitchen. There are three finishes to choose from: traditional white, modern update natural or dark stainless steel.

Choose from one brand

When renovating your kitchen, keep in mind that there are 52 different shades of white, and the same goes for appliance finishes. Purchase all of your appliances from one brand to ensure all your appliances perfectly suit one another.

Ducted or Recirculating

When it comes to choosing a range hood, you have two circulation options: ducted or recirculating. A ducted kitchen hood means it will remove the air from your kitchen and pipe it outside.

If you can't vent your kitchen hood fumes outside, search for a recirculating kitchen hood which recirculates the air through a filter and cleans it before returning it to the kitchen. However, recirculating is less potent than ducted since filters must be replaced more frequently.

Power or extraction rate

The power or extraction rate measured in m3/hour. The higher the rate, the more air that will be extracted from your kitchen. It is ideal to take the type of cooking you do into account; if you do a lot of wok cooking, you should consider a high extraction rate of more than 700m3/hour.


Suppose your home has an open plan living design in which the sound from the kitchen hood while cooking may affect others who are watching TV. In that case, you might want to explore a kitchen hood with the potential to have its motor installed in the roof rather than having with the kitchen hood unit in the house. By selecting a kitchen hood with this style, you will greatly reduce the noise in your kitchen.


While filters are included with all kitchen hoods, they are not the same across every kitchen hood. Most ducted models will come with aluminum filters. These must be cleaned on a regular basis, either by hand or in a dishwasher, making sure that your kitchen hood is working as hard as it can be.

Carbon filters in recirculating kitchen hoods are used to remove pollutants from the air. When they have reached the end of their lifespan, they will need to be replaced with a brand-new carbon filter.

4. Support & Service

We have a Customer Care team available seven days a week to help you over the phone, as well as a nationwide network of professional technicians and carefully selected service agents. Offering a set price guarantee with no additional hidden labor expenses, giving you peace of mind that your appliance is in good hands. Click here to contact customer care. 

Kitchen Hood FAQs

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