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Things to look for when buying a refrigerator

Refrigerators is just possibly the most important component of any kitchen. They keep our food fresh and healthy while preventing bacteria from forming which allows us to enjoy all types of cold treats.

When you’re choosing a family fridge, there are three key factors to consider: Size, type and extra features and considerations.

Choosing the right fridge size

The most crucial decision to make when purchasing a new refrigerator is the size you require. Fridges differ in sizes, from single door fridges to colossal double door, side by side and 4-door refrigerators.

When making such a choice, take your household size into account, as you will need more room to store food for more people. Here are some guidelines on how to determine the size of your refrigerator:

Household size

Recommended refrigerator size

1 - 2 people

200 - 400-liter refrigerators

3 - 4 people

350 - 500-liter refrigerators

5 and more people

450-liter and more refrigerators

Note that it’s a great idea to have some additional space for when you have visitors or are preparing for a certain time of year, so if in doubt, go with more space rather than less.

Choosing the right refrigerator type

Fridges are categorized into different layout, such as:

  • Side-by-side refrigerator: Fridge and freezer side by side, making the freezer compartment more accessible

  • French door refrigerator (either 4-door or 3-door refrigerator): Can come in different configurations, often with one or two freezer doors or compartments at the bottom and two fridge doors on top

  • Double door fridge (or 2-door refrigerator) is divided into:

    • Top freezer refrigerator: Freezer compartment is designed at the top

    • Bottom freezer refrigerator: Freezer compartment comes at the bottom, allowing you to reach your fridge shelves more easily

  • Single door refrigerator (or vertical fridge): Has only one outer door. The freezer has its own door which can only be reached through the outer door. Although this type of fridge is commonly known for having compact design and thus suitable for small family, Frigidaire single door refrigerators come with extra-large capacity of over 500 liters, making it a to-go fridge of 5-member families and more.

Other factors to consider when buying a refrigerator


Installation cost and effort vary little between different refrigerator types, however size does affect the installation. If you purchase a fridge that can be linked to a water line, keep the availability of a connection in mind as well.

Energy efficiency

Many people are concerned about how many watts a refrigerator consumes. The more energy efficient a fridge is, the better it is for our environment.

Choose the best refrigerator with Frigidaire

Frigidaire refrigerators offer a wide variety of features such as the energy efficient NutriFresh inverter, Frost-free technology ensuring no frost accumulated inside, and generous capacity to store everything you need.

Frigidaire is renowned around the world for being the top-of-mind home appliance brand of American families for over 100 years. Designed specifically suitable for big families, Frigidaire products come with high standards for energy efficiency as well as safety.


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