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Things to consider before buying a tumble dryer

Clothes dryers are some of the most helpful home appliances you can and should have. Not only letting you save time waiting for your clothes to air-dry, they also protect your clothes from picking up any dirt or odour while being hung to dry.

Latest tumble dryers come in different models. As an overview, let’s look at some key factors to categorize clothes dryer machine by size and capacity, dryer type, and special features. 

Clothes dryer size and placement 

Popular dimensions for a clothes dryer are a height of 85cm, a width of 60cm and a depth of either 60cm (freestanding dryers) or 53cm (integrated dryers). With these dimensions, it can fit easily under any kitchen countertop. Before installation, make sure that the place has all the vents or hook-ups it requires for the specific dryer type.

Choosing your perfect clothes dryer type 

  • Vented tumble dryers: Known as the most affordable dryers, these appliances dry your clothes with hot air and then vent the moist air to the outside. 
  • Condenser tumble dryers: Similarly to venting dryers, condenser dryers use heated air for drying. However, the moist air is then condensed into water, which is stored or drained later. Condenser dryers usually consume lesser energy than vented dryers. 
  • Heat pump tumble dryers: These dryers cool down the hot, moist air, and have it reused for further drying process after extracting the water. Heat pump dryers are the most energy-efficient among three dryer types so go for this option to further reduce environmental impact.

Clothes dryer machine capacity 

Laundry dryers are available in multiple capacities depending on the model and the brand. Here are the general guidelines for choosing the right dryer machine capacity for your household: 

  • 1 - 2 people: Up to 5kg
  • 4 people: Up to 7kg
  • 4+ people: 10kg or more

Note that these are only estimates and requirements may vary depending on the household. 

Clothes dryer features

In addition to the obvious benefits such as dry and fragrant clothes, clothes dryer machines should be equipped with a variety of other features that fit different households’ needs.

  • ReverseTumbling reduces wrinkling in your dried clothes by up to 30%. In other words, using a clothes dryer can be an energy-saving solution since it helps fasten the ironing process.
  • SensiCare System adjusts drying times depending on how wet your clothes are using special sensors. This generally help shorten drying time and also protect your clothes from added wear and tear. 
  • SmartSense System prevents clothes from overheating.
  • Delay Start lets you decide when to start the drying cycle to fit your schedule.

Choosing the best clothes dryer machine with Frigidaire Arabia

Protect the fabrics and colours of your favourite garments with Frigidaire dryers. With innovative technologies like ReverseTumbling or SensiCare, your clothes are in good hands. Add to that the savings you’ll make thanks to our energy-efficient drying process, and it becomes clear that an Frigidaire dryer machine is the best addition to your laundry room.

Read our Clothes Dryer Machine buying guide for more helpful tips.

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