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Clothes Dryer Buying Guide

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The dryer buying guide from Frigidaire will assist you in selecting the ideal laundry unit required for your manchester and apparel. Considerations like size, capacity, laundry habits, installation types and unique features are all important factors, so let this buying guide help simplify the process for you.

1. Clothes Dryer Size & Capacity Guide

Your clothes dryer size’s need depends on your laundry routine, family size and type of garments you clean. Here’s a guide.


Clothes dryer capacity


5kg or smaller tumble dryers

Suitable for single or small households fitting at maximum load of around 5 outfits or 5 towels per load. 

5kg or 7kg tumble dryer

Suitable for medium households, fitting 5-7 outfits or 5-7 towels per load.

8kg or bigger tumble dryer

Suitable large households, fitting 8+ outfits or 8+ towels per load.


2. Laundry Layout & Dryer Installation

Clever space-saving design take the guesswork out of laundry sorting. Clothes dryers can be paired with their matching washing machine for a unified aesthetic, either sat level to each other, wall mounted or stacked using a kit if choosing a front-loader.

If your home does not have a separate laundry room, integrating it into the kitchen or bathroom behind the cabinetry is a good choice.

For installation, clothes dryers require two things: a power source and well-ventilated room. To avoid dampness and mould growth, set up your dryer near a window or use an exhaust fan. If ventilation isn't a choice, take a heat pump condenser dryer into consideration.

3. Types Of Clothes Dryers: How To Choose


Condenser Tumble Dryer

Condenser dryers operate without the need for any outside venting by withdrawing warm air from damp garments collected in a detachable drawer. Thanks to this simple construction, they can be housed in any well-ventilated room.

Variable temperatures

The UltimateCare technology can adapt the cycle temperature flexibly depending on the fabric type so cottons, delicates, white, or colours are all washed with the right level of care. Just select from 6 temperature pre-settings and all your fabrics are perfectly cared.

Large capacity for thorough dry

Frigidaire dryers is equipped with the large drum so that bulky items and family-sized loads can be thoroughly dried in enough space.

Convenient programming

Frigidaire’s Delay Start program activates a pre-arranged drying cycle at the most convenient time for you like leaving work, or during off-peak electricity billing hours.

Recommended condenser dryer from Frigidaire Arabia:

  • Clothes dryer with large capacity for all the family
  • Flexible end-times to suit your lifestyle
  • 6 temperature settings ensure the right level of care to all your fabrics

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Heat pump dryers are a moisture-free, high-performance device that recycles warm air, making them the most energy efficient option, while also providing reduced temperatures and noise levels. This means you can place these dryers wherever you need them.

Low energy consumption

Frigidaire’s innovative heat pump technology means clothing dries at low temperature, protecting your apparel from unnecessary heat. Therefore, the heat pump dryers use less energy while still dryer your clothes at best.

Besides, Frigidaire heat pump dryers come with features detailed as above:

  • Convenient programming
  • Large capacity for thorough dry
  • Variable temperatures

Recommended heat pump dryer from Frigidaire Arabia:

  • Heat Pump protects fabrics by drying at low temperatures, using less energy
  • Adjust cycle temperatures to offer proper care for cottons, delicates, whites, and colours
  • Clothes dryer with large capacity for all the family

Vented Tumble Dryer

Depending on uncertain weather conditions can make laundry unpleasant for big families that go through numerous loads every day or for people who own a minimalist-driven capsule wardrobe. Venting dryers are your best option for you since they are most cost-effective choice to get the fastest drying speed and turnaround time for multiple loads, allowing you to wash large loads of laundry and store them straight away with no bother.

If the dryer is situated in an enclosed room, such as a kitchen or storeroom, you must attach a ducting hose to vent out the hot and moist air from it.

Frigidaire vented dryers come with features detailed as above:

  • Convenient programming
  • Large capacity for thorough dry
  • Variable temperatures

Recommended vented dryer from Frigidaire Arabia:

  • 6 temperature settings ensure the right level of care to all your fabrics
  • Enough space to dry bulky items and family-sized loads
  • Airfluff feature eliminates shrinkage from clothes without any use of heat

Clothes Dryer FAQs

  • Question 1: Does a dryer machine consume a lot of electricity when it is used?

    It is recommended to dry your clothing at maximum load to fully utilise the electricity usage under each dry. Heat Pump dryer would be a good choice for better energy efficiency.

    When compared to a standard dryer, the Heat Pump dryer saves up to 50% more electricity. It works by heating air in a closed-circuit system, passing it over garments and recycling the hot air to be used in drying the laundry.

  • Question 2: How long does a dryer machine dry a full load of clothing after washing?

    The overall drying time is affected by a number of factors. One of the important considerations is how much moisture remains in the clothing after your washing cycle. The higher the spin speed during the washing cycle, the faster the garments will dry in the dryer since there is less moisture left in the clothing after the final spin.

    Another element is the movement of the drum during drying process. The Frigidaire Reverse Tumbling Technology alternately rotates the drum in the reverse movement, allowing the laundry to dry more rapidly and evenly.

  • Question 3: How does the Condenser dryer work if we do not have to install a ducting hose?

    The hot and moist air will pass through the Condenser dryer and be cooled down by a Heat Exchanger. This process will convert the moisture in the air into water droplets, which will then be stored in the top water drawer and the hot air will also be cooled down and released as warm dry air.

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