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Helpful tips for oven buyers

Ovens are a true all-rounder for your home kitchen. With an oven, you can bake sweet cakes and pastries, cook your favourite restaurant meals, or conveniently make a tasty casserole or lasagna.

If you are looking for an oven, make sure to take into consideration the following 3 factors: size (or capacity), type, and features.

Choosing the perfect oven size 

Which oven size is right for you depends on how big you household is and what you are planning to cook.

  • 50 – 70L ovens: This the standard capacity which is supposed to fit the size of wall or counter openings of around 60cm.
  • Over 70L ovens: Go for a gas or electric oven with capacity of over 70L if you have a large family, normally oven-cook meals or often serve large groups of guests.
  • Less than 50L ovens: This oven size is sufficient for couples or small families that don’t cook a lot.

Choosing the best oven type 

Kitchen ovens are available on the market in diverse shapes and sizes. 

  • Compact ovens are a perfect fit for small kitchen as they don’t take up as much space as classic single or even double ovens, while still offer you all the benefits of having your own oven at home.
  • Traditional single ovens help you cook any meal evenly as they usually come fully equipped with the latest features and a convection fan system.
  • Steam ovens: besides offering better food reheating results than a microwave, steam ovens also make use of steam to let you cook healthier and more visually appealing meals.

In many cases, you can also choose between a built-in oven or a freestanding oven, with the latter often a more compact electric oven version that can easily fit on your kitchen countertop. 

Choosing the oven features you need 

Here are some features you might want to take into consideration when seeking a multi-function oven for your home:

  • How frequently do you have to prepare large roasts? Are you looking for an oven specifically for baking with stable temperature? Many Frigidaire ovens come with a food probe to check core temperatures.
  • Do you have kids? Make sure to choose an oven with extra protective glass to prevent injuries.
  • Is cleaning an oven a pain point to you? Ovens coming with Pyrolytic or steam cleaning feature could be your life saver.
  • Do you enjoy fried food, but would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time? Make no compromises as you can totally opt for an oven with airfry functionality.

Additional factors to consider when buying an oven

Besides capacity, type, and features, you might also want to consider other factors when buying an oven such as:

  • Fans: Convectional ovens distribute heat more evenly thanks to built-in fans, while conventional ovens only offer basic features and not usually come with fans.
  • Energy type: if you are considering between electric and gas oven, keep in mind that installation of the former is simpler. To install a gas oven, you will need to run a natural gas line to your kitchen.
  • Color: Even though most ovens come in black, you can still find stainless steel option from some Frigidaire ovens.

Choose the best oven with Frigidaire 

With a collection of built-in gas ovens and built-in electric ovens, Frigidaire Arabia offers you a helpful kitchen assistant that cooks restaurant-quality dishes in no time. As a complete cooking solution, our multi-function ovens produce perfect steaks or pizzas as well as tasty cakes – leaving you more time to enjoy the food.

For more useful tips, read our Oven buying guide here.

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