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How to choose the right stove for your kitchen

Stoves are a key element of any kitchen and essential for cooking at home. You can use them to prepare anything from soups and stews to veggies and fried snacks. Stoves & hobs come in a variety of sizes, capacities and types and use different fuel sources.

Stoves & Hobs sizes

Stoves come in different sizes:

  • 30 – 40cm wide: This size is ideal for small kitchens
  • 60cm wide: The most common size, suitable for general kitchens and homes
  • 70 – 90cm wide: These extra-large ranges are perfect for large families and those who like to cook a lot

Types of stoves

Stoves come in various types:

  • Gas stoves: Require a gas connection, but are incredibly adaptable when it comes to cooking and provide a great deal of temperature control
  • Electric stoves:
    • Ceramic hobs: Heat up quickly, but are not very efficient and they retain their heat for a long time after being turned off
    • Induction cooktops: Are safer for children as they only heat the pots and pans instead of the surface itself. Despite needing specialized cookware, they’re more efficient.

Stove capacity

Stoves come with varying numbers of burners, and buyers should consider the size of their household:

  • 2 burner stoves: 1 - 2 people in the household
  • 3 - 4 burner stoves: 3 - 4 people in the household
  • 5 burner stoves: 5+ people in the household

Stove fuel types

There are two types of fuel that can be used in stoves to power your cooking, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gas stoves provide precise control and speedy heat-up, but they also cool off quickly. However, many find the use of gas and open flames uncomfortable.

Electric stoves, whether they are ceramic or induction cooktops, heat up the food using electricity. They’re quite simple to use and are what the majority of people are accustomed with. 

Stove features

Many modern stoves allow you to combine cooking zones and provide enhanced security when cooking with both electricity and gas by automatically turning off before any risk arises. To learn more about the distinctive characteristics that set Frigidaire stoves apart from the competition, see our Stoves & Hobs Buying guide.

Choosing the perfect stove with Frigidaire Arabia

Frigidaire is known for its high-quality hobs, both gas stoves and electric or induction stoves. With the Hot surface indicators and secure pan detection feature, you never have to be concerned about your or your children’s safety.

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